This week Iheartfaces celebrates pink and the battle against breast cancer. It made me think about womanhood. I had fun taking  this photo with my two daughters. I was working on multiexposure. The wall is pink but pink is fading away as they grow older, replaced by others colors we tend to the green at the moment. The wall decoration is neither babyish neither adult,it is a nice symbol of natural life with a twist. We represent in many different ways womanhood with its strengths and weaknesses, with the old and the young, with one lineage but different expressions, style, life. That is indeed for me womanhood is life.



5 thoughts on “womanhood

  1. Wonderfully creative…I have never attempted multi exposure on purpose…back when I was using film, I did it all the time by mistake. I love the colors and the layers. Well done!
    Also, thanks for the kind words at my blog!

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