Self-portrait with props

Today I enter a challenge on DPS (I know another one but it really help me to practice and it is fun) on self-portrait. Here is the link for those who are interested (DPS is a very nice website go and visit):

(The free gift is a pdf on self-portrait)

For this assignment you have to use a prop that defines you. I love ceramic so I choose one of the piece I made and that I really like (this all business is very good for the ego and self-development, believe me) Here are some of my experiments this morning. It was a bit hard as there were not too much light and I wanted to use natural light. So I headed near the windows…

self-portrait with ceramic

I like the vignetting, remind me of a lens

self portrait with ceramic

The one for DPS

nearly no editing

self with pot head

self with pot High Key

High key I think…

the hands of the potter

the hand of the potter…

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