I want to thanks iheartfaces for their challenge. It keeps my photographic mind going in e gentle way.I like to work around the theme and it helps my creativity. This week theme is motherhood and I have several shot in my minds and in the camera that we are doing with the girls. But the shot I post today was not planned, thinked or prepared. Like motherhood, it was there at that time, a moment of connection between mum and her little boy. I was playing with my camera and doing self-portrait when my son simply stepped in and we had fun taking self of the two of us for a couple of minutes. They were not perfect shot but it doesn’t matter because they represent life, fun, movement. I love the fact that I am a bit more in focus, the adult leaving  most of the space for a blur child, a little person that changes everyday and is so important to me… he picked the edit with me and told me lile that just like that perfect…



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