Soft and sweet challenge

OUahhhh, soft and sweet. That was a challenge for me! I tried to figure out how to convey this concept without being cute, sweety sweet… There is nothing wrong with cuteness or sweety sweet, it is just not like me. So I decided to work on the post treatment of some of my portrait showing gentleness in a softer and sweeter manner suited to my vision… I tried several presets to find some inspiration but at the end I came up with my own Lr preset!  Might not be the state of the art preset but for me it works and I am very proud of myself.  Here is one shot of my eldest daughter who found it way too sweet for her!

sweet and soft portrait


5 thoughts on “Soft and sweet challenge

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes maybe abit too red, I am not sure that my computer is well calibrated. The aim is to have a warm light type sunset light.

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