“unphotographable phiction”

The third task of #phonar is to create a multimedia narrative video with our own photos and soundtrack of one of the unphotographable serie from Michael David Murphy.


Each text refers to a photography which does not exist but could have been. They all start by the caption ” this is a picture I did not take”. Have a look or instead a read they are very nice.

I choose the woman with kleenex:

“This is a picture I did not take of a rain-soaked woman with white hair in a white jogging suit with red stripes down the legs, walking toward me in a downpour, carefully pressing a white kleenex against her bloody nose.”

It evoked me a symphony of red and white. Having taken several shots of rain in Thailand for a project of time-lapse, I knew I had some of the material. the rest are shots made for this project.

The first version includes a personification at one point, The second is all suggestion making it easier for the viewer to construct his/her own image.

Version 1:

task3V1 from Cécile Brun on Vimeo.

Version 2:

task3V2 from Cécile Brun on Vimeo.